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23 November

CIM at 18!

CIM на 18! CIM на 18! CIM на 18! CIM на 18! CIM на 18! CIM на 18! CIM на 18! CIM на 18! CIM на 18! CIM на 18!

We celebrated our 18 th anniversary with wine tasting “Trip around the world”. It was an inspiring event! Let’s hope for more happy anniversaries in the future!

Here are part ot kind wishes from our clients:

“Congratulations to all your wonderfull team. I am and I will remain one of your best friends!”
prof. Tzvetana Katova

“Dear friends, all of you are part of my precious moments! Thank you!”
Vesela Gercheva


“Happy anniversary! I wish that we celebrate many anniversaries together with you - the people that fell in love with the dams, that brought the world to Sofia and transferred us successfully twice above the Atlantic! Special regards to Mrs. Pankova, Eli, Bobi and Mira!”
Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Toshev


“Good luck! I wish you to be as creative, brave and successful in the future, as you are today! We are happy for you!”
Veneta Petrova


“Happy anniversary! Together we had many exciting moments and we found professional satisfation! Good luck! We hope for new mutual success in the future!”
Lachezar Petrov
Chavdar Bonev


“Happy birthday, happy anniversary! Wish you fair wind!”
Dimitar Minchev


“I wish you more successful and intelligent events for the next 18 years!”
Danail Dochev