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12 January

Christmas CIM Style

Коледа по CIM-ски Коледа по CIM-ски Коледа по CIM-ски Коледа по CIM-ски Коледа по CIM-ски Коледа по CIM-ски

With good humor we celebrated upcoming holidays and the 22nd anniversary of our beloved company.

This year we made not one, but two Christmas parties.

We initiated the Christmas holidays together with the School of Oriental Dance - Souraya Belly Dance. Manager and choreographer of the school is our colleague Milena. From our side, we once again shone with team spirit and a dose of creativity.

Several days later, the party continued domesticity, thanks to our Finance Director - Janet, who received us in her cozy home.

Due to our habits, we organized a short workshop for making survachki. The participants were divided in thematic groups: Recycling, Socialism, industrialism, Erotica and Traditions. Finally, the jury assessed the skills of the groups not only to the production of thematic survachka, but creativity in inventing a suitable poem.

In this high spirit we wish the good mood never to leave us throughout the new year!