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01 December

CIM in 2012

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In the famous 2012, the National Congress of Cardiology is organized for 13th time. It is one of the biggest scientific forums in Bulgaria, with 1500 participants from the country and distinguished foreign specialists. The eminent cardiologists will remind us that “the healthy heart is in our arms”.

In the same 2012 Bulgaria is hosting for the first time the 38th World Congress of Military History.
The theme of the congress is Technology and Warfare and the presentations will send us back in time to draw lessons for the future.

The IFCO conference is also coming to Sofia - a highly emotional event, where children, foster parents and professionals meet to share their experience. We are looking forward to it!

And may be the Maya were wrong about 2012…May be we will undergo just spiritual transformation, without physical “end of the world” or any other catastrophy.

We wish you an active and inspring New Year!