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Tours Bulgaria

The Pink Tour

During this tour we’ll visit the quite unique south-west part of Bulgaria. With its mild, Mediterranean climate, natural mineral springs and good conditions for wine-production, it has attracted people to live there for centuries.
Indulge yourself in the ancient villages with unique atmosphere, the beauty of the Bulgarian mountains, the curative hot pools and the local red wines.

Program by days

First day: arrival to Sofia (folk-style dinner)

Second day: Sofia – Rila Monastery – Blagoevgrad – Ognyanovo (mineral water swimming pool)

Third day: Ognyanovo – Kovachevitza Village – Bansko

Forth day: Bansko – Sandanski

Fifth day: Sandanski – Melnik (wine tasting)

Sixth day: Melnik – Sofia - departure

Highlights of the tour:

Rila Monastery is the most famous cultural and religious symbol of Bulgaria. It was founded by the hermit Saint Yoan of Rila in 10th century; destroyed and resurrected from the ashes several times. The monastery is impressive for the grandeur and beauty of the last construction made in the first half of 19th century.
Among the must-sees in the monastery are: Hreliova Tower, Saint Birth of Virgin Monastery Church and Monk Rafail’s Cross - a unique masterpiece, made of wood.
Rila Monastery is a National Historic Place and is included into UNESCO World Heritage List.

The road bypasses the city of Blagoevgrad founded by the Thracians around hot mineral springs thousands of years ago. Varosha District (in the city center) is a complex of 19th century houses including Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Church, built in 1844, famous for its splendid mural paintings and iconostasis.

Nearby Rila National Park is situated with Parangalitza Natural Reserve where one sinks into the magic atmosphere of centenary pinewoods.
Following the road between Rila, Pirin and Rodopi Mountains we stop into Ognyanovo village hidden between wooded hills at a mineral spring amidst wonderful nature and crystal tinkling of pure mountain air.

The Museum Village of Kovachevitza has preserved specific Rodopi architecture from 18th and 19th centuries. The Bulgarian film studio, Boyana, discovered the beauty and authentic spirit of the village and it has shot more than 20 films there. More recently, the village has been discovered by tourist entrepreneurs who have bought out and renovated a number of old houses, putting the start of rural tourism in Kovachevitsa. The surrounding villages of Leshten, Dolen and Delchevo together with Hadjidimovo Monastery form a unique chain of museum spots.

Bansko is situated in the skirts of the most beautiful Balkan mountain of Pirin. The mountain is a protected territory included into UNESCO List for there are many lakes, waterfalls, caves, centenary trees and other natural landmarks. 
Bansko is an architectural reserve. There is Icons Exhibition in the city showing a wonderful collection of works by Bansko Painting School as one of the most brilliant phenomena in Bulgarian 18th – 19th century’s culture.

Sandanski was founded between three mountains and near local mineral springs as early as the 2nd millennium B.C. In the city’s center the Archeological museum is situated with some ruins of Early Christian Bishop Basilica, stone tomb plates, mosaics of Roman villas and the big stone pool of Roman sanatorium where wounded Roman legionnaires had been sent for medical treatment on local mineral springs. The water in the springs still helps people nowadays.
The unique park with over 200 Mediterranean vegetable species - some of plane trees more than 500 years old – is also nearby.

Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria, situated in the southwestern part of Pirin amidst unique sand pyramids, romantic ancient legends and tragic historical events. The pyramids are one of the most charming natural phenomena not only in Bulgaria, but also on the Balkans. They look like fantastic natural sculptures resembling haystacks, Egyptian pyramids, Gothic churches, minarets and ancient towers. Old Melnik houses introduce the visitor to the world of beautiful architecture and unique internal decoration.
In the soft rock around wineries were digged out, in which the famous Melnik wine is aged and preserved.

Rozen Monastery was constructed by Melnik’s governor Despot Slav in 12th – 13th centuries. Its amazing woodcarving, icons and colorful glasses of 17th century make it cozy and charming. The monastery is dedicated to The Birth of Saint Virgin and preserves a very ancient miraculous icon of its patron, celebrating it solemnly on September 8th each year.



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