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MARS (Media Against Racism in Sport) National Media Encounter: Ethics & Editorial Management in Bulgaria

21.09.2012 - 22.09.2012

Hotel Downtown, Sofia
client: Union of Bulgarian Journalists

Through the sources they use, the subjects they select and the treatment they choose, the media influence the agenda and public reception of public debates. This is why the Council of Europe considers truly inclusive information - where everyone can participate as witnesses, players, producers, etc. – to be crucial for social cohesion and democratic participation.

The new MARS -  Media against racism in sport – EU/ CoE joint program chooses to focus, though not exclusively, on sport because it is considered an important area for building social cohesion.

The objectives of the National Encounter are to encourage the exchange and sharing of practices in journalistic, ethics and editorial management of the coverage of sport, in relation to non-discrimination and diversity issues; to contribute to the development of European networks of journalists and media professionals; to encourage working journalists, media professionals and managers to include non-discrimination and diversity in everyday reporting as standard.

The program includes:
- examining in detail systems of regulation, professional and ethical codes from various EU member states with regard of non discrimination and expression of diversity in news and sport coverage;
- developing problem solving techniques to real life reporting issues and sharing ways to support and guide professional practices.

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