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Seminar "Semantic Technologies for Web Services and Technology Enhanced Learning"

07.06.2012 - 08.06.2012

Sozopol, Koral Hotel
client: Institute for Information and Communication Technologies - BAS

The rapidly changing world and the advent of the Information Society with the continuous change of working conditions and the evolution of information and communication technologies boost the needs for updating people’s knowledge and skills. Current approaches to Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) are fundamentally based on providing a learner with appropriate learning content. In the current Learning Management Systems the allocation of learning resources is done at design-time, relying on expertises of the institutional designer only, and there are not much capabilities to reuse existing blocks. Authoring of adaptive content, realised to some extent in the so-called Learning Content Management Systems, is one of the most important and labour-intensive activities in the modern TEL practice. Traditionally it relies on the design of a fine-grained domain model and careful indexing of various learning objects (LO) with multiple domain concepts.
A possible approach to increase the effectiveness of preparation and use of adaptable learning content is to change the data- and metadata-based paradigm to a dynamic service-oriented approach based on Semantic Web Service (SWS) technologies.




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