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XL Annual Congress of the International Commission of Military History

30.08.2014 - 06.09.2014

Golden Sands Resorts
client: Bulgarian

The XL Annual Congress of the International Commission of Military History will be held in Golden Sands Resort - a unique blend of lovely nature park, warm sea, and fine golden sands!
The theme of the Congress will be First World War 1914-1918, with special panels for The Balkans, young military historians and new, significant books on the theme.
Main topics:
• Technological development on the Eve of the WWI
• Economic considerations and reasons for the war
• Nationalism and nationalistic feelings in Europe before the war
• Events in 1908: annexation of B&H, Young Turks Revolution and Bulgarian Independence
• The pretext for the war. Beginning WWI in the Balkans 1914
• Religions: attitudes of the different religion authorities and institutions on behalf of the war
• Art and cultural developments on the Eve and during the war
• Politicians and diplomats – activities on political and diplomatic field for prevention and/or for start of a war
• WWI in the national memory: museums and museum activities on the war and armaments
• Archives and their use for writing the history: military historians and ways of interpretation of WWI events                                    
• Military sociology and psychology modern interpretations on the aftermaths of WWI and on the influence over the generations
• Minorities and refugees
• Sea and air power
• Revolutions and soldiers’ riots
• Losses: wounded, dead, missing in action, disabled
• Graveyards and their support
• Non-conventional weapons used in the war
• WWI – a European, or – First World War: the war in other than European theatres
• Peace Treaties and aftermaths: – end of confrontations, or start of new ones.
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